KESS V2 5.017 Red PCB Review: Read/Write BMW Car Online

Here I’d like to share how to use kess v2 5.017 red pcb to read and write bmw car.


Cost & Package:

I paid 59.99 euro for the kess v2 with free shipping at

All the goods packed in a big box without any damage.

full sets

kess-v2-5.017 -red-pcb-read-write-bmw-car-online-1

Kess V5.017 main unit

kess-v2-5.017 -red-pcb-read-write-bmw-car-online-1

Red pcb

kess-v2-5.017 -red-pcb-read-write-bmw-car-online-4

usb port (connect kess v2 to computer by usb cable)

kess-v2-5.017 -red-pcb-read-write-bmw-car-online-5


The test:

I tried to use kess v2 to read and write my bmw.

Firstly, download and installed kess software, and then start to read and write bmw.

In detail…


Step 1: Download Red Kess V2 5.017 and unzipped, open Ksuite v2.23 and run “Setup 2.23 exe.” as following pictures

kess-v2-5.017 -red-pcb-read-write-bmw-car-online-6

Step 2: Follow the system guide, then Next, Next… to install and accepted Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 License Terms, and setup in English, wait for second minutes, then the installation will be finished.

kess-v2-5.017 -red-pcb-read-write-bmw-car-online-7


Step 3: Install USB Driver as well, and follow the system prompt till installation finished

Connect Kess V2 5.017 Red PCB with computer and obd2 port to setup connection

kess-v2-5.017 -red-pcb-read-write-bmw-car-online-10

kess-v2-5.017 -red-pcb-read-write-bmw-car-online-8 kess-v2-5.017 -red-pcb-read-write-bmw-car-online-9

Reading device info…

kess-v2-5.017 -red-pcb-read-write-bmw-car-online-11

It will take several minutes to operate

kess-v2-5.017 -red-pcb-read-write-bmw-car-online-12

Choose “ID” and click “Select”

kess-v2-5.017 -red-pcb-read-write-bmw-car-online-13

Switch on the dash-board, check the connections and press OK to continue

kess-v2-5.017 -red-pcb-read-write-bmw-car-online-14

It shows ECU info

Switch off dashboard, and then click “Writing” and “Select”

Now choose the right ECU file for BMW to write

kess-v2-5.017 -red-pcb-read-write-bmw-car-online-16 kess-v2-5.017 -red-pcb-read-write-bmw-car-online-17

Switch on dashboard

When it ask “Proceed to write?” click “OK” to continue.

And warning message will show if not select the right file, ECU will be damaged.

Click “OK” to confirm.

Writing ECU…

kess-v2-5.017 -red-pcb-read-write-bmw-car-online-18

KESS V2 FW 5.017 write BMW ECU successfully!

Steps are easy…