kess v2 Error solved (se87-d)




Download file “” I uploaded at and then setup, usually the problem will be fixed!FEBHRRjS!KApCf3gl3RSOoSxPvy7ZcDpcciAFtSSxtMFw0chuZUU

Note: This file is safe to download.

A little percent of users may have no luck, then download one more fixup software “kess v2 fixusb (se87-d) ” and then setup.!oVRG1YLZ!hABNRfbSXgd-EexPCKX6nWPv1_cNgarQINU9i3n_Q5s

Setup Tips (Important):

If Kess v2 fw4.036 v2.22 is not working, you are strongly advised to install our supplied working Setup 1.93 selfinstall.rar”, if you keep on installing the higher version of software, just copy the program you installed on C:/ and save, then install “Setup 1.93 selfinstall.rar” , finally replace the same file in Local disk C: with the newly saved data; then it will work

2.Get error “no protocol found” after format the SD card

Usually, some users may format the SD card at any reason, then get “no protocol found”, the fast way they think is to get new program online, actually you are supposed to have one new customized SD card from the factory not directly get software online.