Latest OBDSTAR Upgrade for X300 DP /Plus (July 2019)

Recently, has released the latest OBDSTAR upgrade news in July 2019. Here share the upgrade details with OBDSTAR X300 DP / X300 DP PLUS owners.

OBDSTAR Upgrade in July 2019

1.Maserati [V30.03] Upgrade

Increased Ghibli-95320 Cluster Calibration

2.Maserati [V32.22] IMMO Upgrade

Added Ghibli 2018-Pincode reading and smart key programming

3.Dodge [V30.44] Upgrade

Increased Charger 2019 Cluster Calibration

4.Jeep [V30.44] Upgrade

Increased Cherokee 2019 Cluster Calibration

Note: Used for X300 DP or X300 DP PLUS, need to work with FCA 12+8 connector

What’s FCA 12+8 universal adapter? What can FCA 12+8 be used for?

How to use FCA 12+8?

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What is FCA 12+8 universal adapter ? Maserati Ghibli 2018- immo & dashboard – Required!

Learn more complete upgrade announcement of 19th June 2019:

Latest OBDSTAR Upgrade for X300 DP/ X300 DP PLUS (June,2019)