Launch iCarScan VCI Bluetooth Scanner Feedback

Launch iCarScan VCI Bluetooth Scanner, the update version of iDiag, is for Android only no iOS version available. iCarScan features in 5 Brand Vehicle Software for Free.


The difference between Launch idiag and iCarScan:

Someone says software is basically same. IcarScan comes with 5 models free @ $66 each other than that I think maybe the same tool, you do not have to choose models when you register, you can add them as you find you need them. And you don’t have to download the 5 free software during the first time setup, I have downloaded only 2 of those 5 and will download the rest three one by one at once there is a need for new brand. I don’t know if the update support of the later installed software will be year but this does not really matter. However I believe that I need to download all brands before one year from first subscription.

Launch iCarScan VCI workable car models what I tested well and bad:

I bought Launch iCarScan is for because my son’s2000 Accord had a ABS problem. The seller told me that tis IcarScan is fully compatible with this Honda but unfortunately it’s not. It can’t communicate with ABS ECU. Only motor and SRS are compatible. However it works fine with my BMW E60 and E66. You can do almost everything with these cars…

One good thing is that you don’t need to download all 5 brands while starting to use this software. But still the support is bit lame.

After all it feels that this is really worth of money.

I also test this with VW since they couldn’t reset Webasto heater in “his” indy shop, I downloaded VW few days ago and tested it with 2007 Transporter. It worked fine with my phone, however it did not recognize the VIN of the car and i had to feed it manually. after that all Ecu’s were recognized and I was able to unlock Aux Heater which were locked by some errors. Also some errors found ant those could be diagnosed as well reset. Very good thing with VW is that there are quite good explanations about the errors as well how to get rid of these.

Tablet failed connect to car with error message about the connection.

As for Honda Accord 2000 ABS not work, finally I noticed that Honda Accord 2000 ABS is through separate 5pin connector only not through OBDII when I looked the wiring diagram. despite that it was not possible to read out codes from the ABS, not even with jump wire. Assuming that the control unit is faulty I start to measure connections and wheel sensors and found one of them broken. My son replaced it and that fixed the fault.

The strange thing is that it was not possible to read out codes with the jump wire…

I assuming to receive 5 pin adapter cable next week… will be back with the result.

Another problem is I tried software on android tablet, not very good experience. First problem was while I tried to connect VCI and got message that Firmware needs to be update but there were no way to do it. I got the update done via phone. After update it works somehow but very often it fails while trying connect to car or while it tries snoop the system of the car.