Launch X431 IMMO Plus Customer Reviews: Great Scan Tool with IMMO Function

Launch X431 IMMO Plus is a comprehensive programming diagnostic scanner covering all system diagnosis, key programming, anti-theft IMMO function, anti-theft ECU coding, 39+ special services. Moreover, it can work with expansion modules to increase more capabilities. What do customers say about this device? Check the following unbiased customer reviews we’ve collected.


Review 1: Best Scan tool!!

Fast! Good size screen, not too big!! So far has done everything it has advertised!! I have used this x431 immo plus for multiple vehicles and even cloned a couple modules with it!!

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Review 2: Great tool great customer service

Great tool, had an altima 2009 that did not even go into ignition and with the x431 Immo Plus and xprog3 got the car programmed and running. Would recommend the x431 immo!


Review 3: Great tool lots of functions

So far so good been able to help diagnose problems on my vehicles!

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Review 4: Very good scanner for the money

Worked good on my Toyota and GMC.

Would buy from again.


Review 5: Great scan tool and the IMMO is a plus

Very useful scanner and able to perform all bidirectional controls available, scanned all the modules, you can save and share the reports. Many adapters for the x431 IMMO plus key programmer if you want to expand your coverage. I’m a professional mechanic.

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Review 6: Excellent Device with Helpful Support

I have been using this launch immo plus device with my 2014 Mercedes Benz C-Class, and it’s been excellent. It’s capable of coding both ECU and SCN, which is helpful for key cutting and module cloning. If you need a device for these purposes, I recommend this one.


I purchased this device specifically for ECU/SCN coding and it has been reliable. The support that came with the product has been helpful, and I was able to get all the assistance I needed. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and the performance of this product.


Review 7: Best scanner for my Ford

Launch X431 IMMO Plus programming diagnostic tool is the best scanner I have used.


I was a little doubtful at first because I’ve been using another brand. I am looking for a tool that can help diagnose and program ECUs as well as program key types without breaking the bank. After doing some research, I decided to go ahead and buy the Launch IMMO Plus.


Fortunately, it ticks all the boxes and more. This Launch IMMO Plus has the potential to be one of the best diagnostic tools on the market.


It currently helps me with key programming with GM and Ford and Chrysler Diagnostics!


Review 8: Great small Diagnostic scanner with IMMO capability

As a professional technician I picked this Launch X-431 IMMO Plus as a secondary scanner and after having used it for about a week I have to say that it is very capable, it updates really quickly when there are updates available and it scans every available module on all of the vehicles that I have used it on so far. I have not had a chance to use the IMMO capabilities so far but if they are in line with the diagnostic capabilities then this should be a very good scan tool.

Live data is good and stable so far, just note that it is a small screen so if you choose a lot of data streams you will need to scroll to see them.

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Review 9: Launch continues to get better and better.

This x431 immo plus is the third launch scan tool I have purchased in the last five years. I work on a large variety of vehicles which requires me to have multiple types of scan tools. This tablet has incredible battery life, very very good build quality, excellent hardware and good software. One of the things that impresses me most about this tablet is the four or five day battery life I get out of it, I also have a few Autel scanners and I’m lucky if they last me the day. This scanner does more than just diagnostic testing and actuator manipulations. This scanner can also program new keys. Another impressive feature of this tablet is the add-on capabilities from the purchase of additional modules. This tablet can interface with an oscilloscope multimeter module, battery tester, bore scope and probably some things I’m not even aware of. This is an incredible value for the price. I was very happy to see the small form factor, Good quality storage case and the addition of USB-C charging. This is a great tablet that I highly recommend.


Review 10: MUCH More Than Just an IMMO Tool!

After comparing the IMMO Plus to other ‘comparable’ tools by competing manufacturers, the decision became one of the easiest I could hope for.


Right out of the box, the IMMO Plus is impressive. Easy to set up and register, and featuring a much more intuitive Android OS interface, compared to the earlier Launch X431 units from years ago. It features a high resolution touch screen display that’s glove compatible. The battery life is incredible… With everyday use, the internal rechargeable battery still has at least 35% charge left in it by the end of the week! The Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) is Bluetooth Wireless and comes with a respectably long data cord with OBDII connector and 3 LED Status lights on both sides… You’re not tethered to the vehicle’s OBDII port, which makes actuator testing outside of the vehicle much easier. The included X-Prog3 Immobilizer Expansion Module is an absolute must when it comes to working on IR systems, in addition to I/C and RFID chipped transcievers. Not only has this tool met every key programming challenge I’ve thrown at it (which is the reason I bought it to begin with), it’s also proven itself to be a highly capable full function bi-directional scan tool!


It has quickly become my go-to for regular everyday diagnostics and system testing on every make and model that comes into my bays. It performs every reset imaginable, from oil change to vehicle battery registration. Programmable module replacement couldn’t be easier! Launch also releases improvement and capability updates very regularly, up to once a week. Downloading and installing updates is easier than any other tool I’ve used. This tool has impressed me to the point that I plan on adding more expansion modules in addition to the Battery/Starting/Charging Tester (BST360), such as the Launch TPMS and Launch videoscope to increase its capabilities.


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