Launch X431 HD3 Truck Diagnostic Adapter Reviews & Feedback

Here is the collection of mixed reviews on Launch X431 HD3 Truck Diagnostic Adapter on the basis of coverage. Hope this would help you decide whether to buy this truck scanner.
Launch X431 HD3

Review 1 – Good Scan & Reset
Tried it on a Ram 1500 and a Subaru Outback, it worked great on both. Brands with trucks work fine, you can do all the resets (Adblue, DPF regeneration etc.), read/clear DTCs, adaptation but I think online coding etc is Not available.

Review 2 – Volvo
Volvo menus are separated in ECU, for example MID 128 (Engine Ecu)…MID 144 (Vehicle Ecu) and so away. Automatic identification of vehicle is great and very fast, otherwise you can perform a manual research.

For reading/clearing of DTC it is good and also for reading of parameters (numeric or graphic) is not bad.

It permits to change several parameters in a lot of ECUs, where other diagnostic tool don't make, but it doesn't still perform some calibrations or tests such as Jaltest o Texa. For example air suspension level sensors calibration doesn't work. The tests depend on specific ECU you diagnose. Diagnostic session is very fast and connection is very stable.

If you use it with other diagnostic tool, not bad; but if you only have this, the coverage is not complete at the moment.

It can become a good tool if they develop it as on car diagnosis, and new updates add several interesting functions.

Review 3 – Benz: Sprinter NO, others OK
Have used it on few different makes (Ford, Audi, Mercedes W211 and it works perfect, but just won’t see the Sprinters. Tried Sprinters (604) 2002, 2003, 2006, with Launch HD III – can’t communicate with any of the modules. Maybe I should consider MB star tool since I’ve got more Merce. Seems it has Sprinter I-III and seems it can do more than scan.

Review 4 – Not enough, don’t worth it
I have X431 Pro3+HD3 module. Not very pleased with it. Didn’t read Bendix 2011, and they told me to buy the access. 12 months of service, 200 bucks for any of this, also on small light duty they want additional 100 bucks.

I’m gonna send it back, because it doesn’t do anything different from my Launch Pro Mini does. Have to activate it again in 2 years but I don’t have to pay for additional subscription. It reads some stuff but not near enough for the amount you pay. If you just want to read anything for heavy duty, big trucks, get FCAR F507 or the Xtuner T1.

Diagnosis and Reset functionality is good, have many parameters for you to adjust but calibration and coverage are not enough, so using it with other tools is a better choice.

Thanks to genius75, plesko, Jesse…

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