Launch X431 V Customer Reviews: Great product and customer service

In this post, I’d like to share some customer reviews about Launch X431 V 8inch with you. Now, let’s read them together.

Review 1: Really love this thing
I love this thing. In my opinion, its well worth the money. It does the same thing all those overpriced $8,000 Snap On units do, for 1/6th of the price. Snap on can't write the info reading software for the cars, they must rely on the manufacturer to tell them everything. So in that way, they're no different. And look it up, that's the only real way that matters. Anything else is just fluff and puff you don't need. Buy this thing, instead of getting ripped off. Now there is something that I think the company should be more clear about. This WILL NOT WORK until you do 2 things. You must email them your serial number. Its useless until you do that. Apparently they've had a lot of knock offs, so they're protecting their IP by having you email them before you can actually download the necessary software for it. That confused me initially, as it wasn't mentioned in the paperwork. At least nowhere that I could see.

Review 2: Easy to activate and support all vehicles so far
Awesome Product! Easy to activate and gives you the widest coverage available.

I noticed a review that mentioned emailing your information prior to being able to register and downloading the extensive software and vehicle updates to make the product functional. That was not the case for the x431 Pro (upgraded) version just received by me. Perhaps they have increased their security, but I was able to register the device right away with the Serial Number AND Activation Code that came with the product. I believe the Activation code was the key to registering that the knock offs do not have. In other words, when the legit factory produced the Serial Number they also matched it with an activation code so others would not be able to use bogus serial numbers. This product and seller are legit. The X431 V 8Inch is a quality product and will do just about anything you need.

Review 3: Great product! Worked in every car I tested so far
Great product.Worked in every car i tested so far and will definitely give more information in newer model vehicles.Not every car it scans the VIN but the option is there to manually enter VIN or select the vehicle from list.Its great to quickly find and solve your vehicle problem and even show you issues that your vehicle might be having without even show up warning lights on your dash.I have updates for the next 2 years for all model vehicles and if you ever need to factory reset the tablet or you could replace with any android tablet its easy to login on the website and sign in your account and password which will be created during setup and re download everything.No regrets so far.

Review 4: Great pad & great customer service
Update. Seller has quick and great response. Solved all my issues. Charger was stuck underneath under cables and was easy to see when they sent me the picture. OBD is powered by the car when attached to the OBD socket so no need to charge it I guess. Only gripe is the annoying updating process but pad is awesome.

Scanpad came very fast, but came with no charger for the actual pad or the OBDII receiver. Update was easy but their servers are probably constantly bogged down by people trying to download and install the drivers, so it took about an hour of hitting the download button and restarting the pad before I was able to get all the updates. Had the older version of the pad so I know it works great already, just a hassle. But seriously no charging wires for the pad or OBD?

Review 5: Better than expected and using as a shop scan tool
Very good product, showed up exactly as advertised, the functionality is also what you would expect of the scan tool (once unlocked, which the seller is very helpful with). Would highly recommend this to others including automotive shops especially if you have a snap on tool it pretty much does the rest of the stuff on European and Asian vehicles that the snap on won't do and the amount of pids it can access is very impressive.

To conclude: on the whole, Launch X431 Pro is a great tool that covers a wide range of vehicles and is popular among customers, it is recommended that you purchase it.