Lexia 3 PP2000 “unknown usb device” another solution

When connect lexia 3 PP2000 / Actia psa xs evolution interface with computer, the system warns the error message: “unknown USB device”

One of the lexia 3 diagbox users has worked out an solution to the problem, see this thread:
Here is another solution according to our customer’s feedback—modifying the Lexia 3 interface to a new one. We are not responsible for the damage if you do not follow the right procedure.

Tool needs: a USB cable, two D-SUB connectors, both cheap, so better to get good quality cables

Step 1:

Get a 3m USB cable with an “A” connector in each end, and two D-SUB connectors, like picture below:

Step 2:

Cut the USB cable and two D-SUB connectors to make the end ready for soldering.

Step 3:
Here is the pinout of the connector, colors are standard.
1: Black or yellow pin;
7: Green pin;
8: White pin;
9. D-Sub connector seen from front

Step 4:
Connect and solder the cable or connector like this way:

Step 5:
The new lexia 3 interface was well made. Here is the new cable.

Job’s done. Re-connect the modified lexia 3 diagnostic cable with computer and install software.

Any questions go to OBDTool.co.uk.