MPPS Software Windows 10: mpps v18 v16 v13 all ok?

Can i install mpps software on Windows 10 operation system? How to setup mpps v18 v16 v13 on Win 10? Here are user reviews of mpps software windows 10.


Mpps v18 Windows 10:

– It works good in win 8 and win 10 both x64, software will only start when cable gets power from car.

– windows 10 32 and 64 wish it worked on xp still tho ..


Mpps v16 Windows 10:

– MPPS v16, Kess V2 works on tablet win10.


Mpps v13 Windows 10:

– mpps works on windows 10 just fine obviously in compatibility mode

– I would like to share with everyone that MPPS V13 works on Tablets. I have succesfully read and flashed ecus using my tablet with windows 10 in windows xp compatibility mode. Saves me carrying a laptop with me and I feel safe to use my tablet off the battery while flashing. Something I would never do with a laptop. You need a micro to full size usb adapter for your interface.
Its a shame tho that I couldn’t get Winols to run on windows 10. Otherwise I could always make a quick map twik on the spot. But downgrading a tablet to windows 7 would most likely enable it

– l use kess on my tablet without a problem , like you say battery life is hours , but kess is abit different as it sends file to kess unit and unit sends file to ecu so its very safe , for me win10 runs 99% of stuff l put on it and even stuff win7 will not run

ONDA 9.7 is an ace tablet too , android works great too aswell as windows


In summary,

Mpps v18 Windows 7 should be the best solutions of mpps tuning work.


For mpps v18 clone, only Windows 7 is OK, but WIN XP, WIN 8, WIN 10 needs luck

For mpps v16 and mpps v13, Windows XP is OK.


Good luck with mpps software windows 10.