MPPS V18 China clone version 1 or 2? (PCB Schematic attached)

I found two version china clones of MPPS V18 interface.


the first one – he missing component

and second, got all in. found in

Maybe this will help you out a little
Zoom on it and see what’s missing.

U4 – PJSR05T/R TVS/ESD 5V 5A SOT-143 marking WR1
D1 – tAN


Like this is more real for you

This is one from the first batch the chinese made. As we all know after 1st batch begins reduction of costs

On some other forum one user posted this schematic if it also helps

MPPS V18 PCB Schematics for details:


VERY VERY VERY BIG THANKS to DTech666 from the MH community!