Newest Hand-Held BMW CAS4 1L15Y-5M48H Tester V5.8

BMW CAS4 1L15Y-5M48H Tester is a professional hand-held tool for auto trainers and mechanics, which can be used for BMW CAS4-1L15 and CAS4-5M48H. BMW CAS4 tester features a big LED screen and voice guide to help use easily.


Computer requirement: Windows XP system
Software Version: V1.00
Language: English, Chinese
Supported vehicles: BMW CAS4 Year after 2000
What can the new BMW CAS4 tester do?

V5.8 BMW CAS4 tester automatically identify the CAS4 computer and CAS4+ computer.
  For example, first connect the tester to a CAS4 computer when matching a new key:

A. When the screen shows CAS4, you can read CAS4-5M48H data to create a key. After programming a key, you can identify the key by the tester to check if the key works, without using it on your car. This is convenient for key programming without a car aside.

B. When the tester shows CAS4+, do not try to read data from 5M48H computer, as the new key cannot be matched at present. If you program a key now, the key can only be used for remote control but not start up vehicles.

When connecting CAS4 computer to the tester, the system will automatically identify if the computer is in good condition and if its computer is well welded.

The tester has the functions that a CAS4 5M48H computer has. It can be used on Windows XP system and YANHUA YHF instruments to test if they can read 5M48H data, as well as get the data for testing.