OBDSTAR P50 Ford Airbag Reset Guide+ Car List (Newest)

Currently, OBDSTAR P50 with Airbag Reset V30.33 can support 672 Ford Part Number via OBD/Bench. It adds 95320, MAC7242, XC2XXXX, R7F701A033, TC22xx-16F (16 part No.) in the newest version. Let’s check the related airbag reset guide and the newest car list.


All goods prepared:

OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool

OBDSTAR P004 Adapter and Jumper Airbag Reset Kit

Main cable

FORD EcoSport CN15-14B321-BE airbag ECU

obdstar p50 ford airbag reset 1


Operation process:

Keep OBDSTAR P50 in charging and communication in the whole process. Also ensure the internet connection is normal.


Step 1: Connect OBDSTAR P50 and Ford Airbag ECU

Select Airbag Reset>> Airbag Reset V30.17 (choose the newest version)>> Auto Search Part Number

obdstar p50 ford airbag reset 2

The Operation instruction at the bottom left can help you to check the best detect way.

Input the part number of ECU manually

obdstar p50 ford airbag reset 3

Note: The part number can be found on ECU’s label. The number input is case- insensitive. Fuzzy retrieval is supported.

Confirm if the value entered is correct.

Select the related airbag ECU model CN15-14B321-BE XC2361A, and follow the Diagram at the bottom left corner to connect cables correctly

Different cars are with different airbag ECU, choose the corresponding wiring diagrams.

Connect P004 adapter and OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool with the main cable

Then connect P004 adapter and airbag ECU with the P004 jumper

Set the 120Ωresistance switch of P004 adapter to on

obdstar p50 ford airbag reset 4


Step 2: Reset Airbag

Function supported: ECU information, Read DTC, Erase DTC, Erase Crash, Advanced Function

obdstar p50 ford airbag reset 5

  • Read DTC

There is a crash fault code (CRASH Event Storage Full and Locked!!!)

obdstar p50 ford airbag reset 6

  • Read and backup EEPROM data

Before airbag reset, read EEPROM in advance function and then save it in case of data lost caused by wrong operation.

obdstar p50 ford airbag reset 7

obdstar p50 ford airbag reset 8

Turn off power button of OBDSTAR P004 adapter for 30 seconds and turn on again

  • Erase Crash

Choose the EEPROM data saved in the last step to erase crash data

Confirm the Read EEPROM function has been executed, and wait the process is completed

Press Start at the left bottom to start Write EEPROM function

Turn off power button of OBDSTAR P004 adapter for 30 seconds and turn on again

obdstar p50 ford airbag reset 9

  • Erase DTC

Click Erase DTC to clear crash fault code

Erase crash in file success

obdstar p50 ford airbag reset 10

  • Read DTC again

Read DTC again to check the fault code

If there is no crash fault code on the screen, it means the crash fault code has been successfully erased by OBDSTAR P50.

obdstar p50 ford airbag reset 11


OBDSTAR P50 Car List for Ford Airbag Reset:

The following is the list of the CN15-14B321 xx part No ECU, and the ECU models newly added in the airbag reset V30.33. For the full car list, free download OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset car list 20230131.zip

Brand Part Number ECU


Memory Ecu Info. Read DTC Erase DTC Read EEPROM Write EEPROM Erase Crash Other Function
Ford CN15-14B321-AC XC2361 Write VIN
Ford CN15-14B321-AD XC2361 Write VIN
Ford CN15-14B321-AE XC2361 Write VIN
Ford CN15-14B321-AF XC2361 Write VIN
Ford CN15-14B321-BC XC2361A Write VIN
Ford CN15-14B321-BD XC2361A Write VIN
Ford CN15-14B321-BE XC2361A Write VIN
Ford CN15-14B321-BF XC2361A Write VIN
Ford CN15-14B321-CC XC2361 Write VIN
Ford CN15-14B321-CD XC2361 Write VIN
Ford CN15-14B321-CE XC2361 Write VIN
Ford CN15-14B321-CF XC2361 Write VIN
Ford CN15-14B321-DE XC2361A Write VIN
Ford CN15-14B321-DF XC2361A Write VIN
Ford 51800461 Continental 95320
Ford 51805046 Continental 95320
Ford 51889814 Continental 95320
Ford 51889815 Continental 95320
Ford 51925901 Continental 95320
Ford 51925902 Continental 95320
Ford 51976525 Continental 95320
Ford 51976526 Continental 95320
Ford 52027191 Continental 95320
Ford 52027192 Continental 95320
Ford AC24-14B321-AA MAC7242
Ford GU51-14B321-AA XC2xxx Write VIN
Ford LJ6T-14B321-RA Bosch R7F701A033
Ford MB3T-14B321-BB TC22xx-16F
Ford MB3T-14B321-ZE TC22xx-16F
Ford N1BT-14B321-HA TC22xx-16F


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