OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus 2019 Nissan Teana Mileage Calibration

This article shares the tutorial about 2019 Nissan Teana mileage calibration with OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus.


  1. Choose “Mileage”>>“All”>>“NISSAN”>>“NISSAN V30.81”>>“TEANA”.

obdstar x300 dp plusx300 dp plus screen

  1. Choose“2019”>>“Read EEPROM”, then EEPROM data will be read.

  1. Input the name of the EEPROM file, say “TEANA1EE”, and save it.


  1. After saving the EEPROM file, choose “Mileage Calibration”>>“Enter”.
  2. When the screen shows the current mileage, click “Enter”.

  1. Input the mileage of calibration, say, “123456”, then click “Enter”.
  2. After calibrating the mileage, click “Write EEPROM” and choose the EEPROM file that was saved before, then click “Enter”, then data will be written.
  3. When operation is successful, click “Enter”.

Job was done!

EOBDTOOL Tech Support