Obdstar X300DP Plus ECU Clone Update

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS update: add ECU clone for Peugeot and Bosch software etc.

As well as all updates(2018-09-29).

ECU Clone


1. New increased ME7.4.5、ME7.4.4、EDC15C2

2. EDC15C2 distinguish 1X Connect and 3X Connect type

3. Distinguish the prompt ‘to ensure the security of data, pls don’t use Bluetooth for testing’ according to device model

BOSCH ECU Clone Software

1. Increased BOSCH ME7.4.4 EEPROM/FLASH reading and writing function

2. Increased BOSCH ME7.4.5 EEPROM/FLASH reading and writing function

3. Increased BOSCH EDC15C2 EEPROM/FLASH reading and writing function

Volvo ECU clone options: