2M2 Magic Tank Car Key Coverage, Disassembly, Photoelectricity Repair etc FAQs

2M2 Magic Tank is a powerful automatic key cutting machine. It can be used for European, Japanese & Korean cars via Bluetooth on Android system without battery. Here have collected some frequently asked questions from customers. Hope it helps you! Q: Does… Continue Reading

Vident iMax4301 vs. iMax4302 vs. iAuto702 Pro vs. iLink400

Eobdtool.co.uk has released two new VIDENT diagnostic tools– iMax4301 VAWS and iMax4302 BMW. Compared with iauto702 pro and iLink400, what are the differences and similarities? Check the comparison chart: Model/ Function iMax4301 iMax4302 iAuto702Pro iLink400 Reference price €132.00 €132.00 €170.00 €132.00… Continue Reading

Iprog+ Pro V76-V84 Software Download, Install, Comparison, Reviews, FAQs

According to statistics, iProg + pro clone with 7 adapters become more and more popular with users. The reason is that it’s a powerful but inexpensive ECU programmer supporting IMMO and mileage correction till the year 2019. Here have collected the… Continue Reading