Steps to install Renault CAN CLIP V157 on Windows XP

This is about Renault CAN CLIP V157 installation on Windows XP: Free download CAN CLIP 157:!tl9jCKZQ!xENGQPnKYvbvJTay_-xhvI2vk1Ord2fsh_ymfJ22SMg Tested with clone CAN CLIP diagnostic tool for Renault by Operating system: Windows XP Language: German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norway, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania,… Continue Reading

Kess v2 clone SD card replacement files to fix wake up error

For those of you having problems locating the new files for a china clone Kess v2 running version 1.89 software here you are… These files are used to Fix wake up error. NO PASSWORD! Procedure: Just download the rar… Continue Reading

Renault CAN CLiP V157 Free Download

FREE download CAN CLIP V157 here, which is the latest diagnostic tool for Renault cars. It contains all the latest diagnostic technology and information base to address all issues. Free download CAN CLiP V157:!tl9jCKZQ!xENGQPnKYvbvJTay_-xhvI2vk1Ord2fsh_ymfJ22SMg ( has tested v157 CLIP, working with clone CLIP) CAN CLIP V156.rar (tested good… Continue Reading

kess v2 V2.22 Master Big Information

Kess V2 Car List: KTAG Car and Truck list download: Fgtech v54 car list truck: New KESS V2 (V2.22) Add Tokens tips: New KESS V2 (V2.22) Add Tokens tips And… Here is My Other Experience of reading BMW… Continue Reading