VVDI2 V6.6.9 Update and Free Download

Here share the latest Xhorse VVDI2 V6.6.9 update notice and free download link.   Part 1: VVDI2 V6.6.9 Update Notice: -Updated on Jan 13th, 2020 -Require firmware V6.6.8 ===== VAG V6.6.9 ===== 1.Improvement for autodetect VAG immobilizer system 2.Add synchronize function: Menu->Synchronize device time 3.Bugfix ===== BMW V6.6.9 ===== 1.Improvement for CAS4 OBD prepare dealer key 2.Improvement for FEM/BDC prepare dealer key 3.Add synchronize function: Menu->Synchronize device time 4.Add reset ELV function for BDC(Only for cars with ELV) 5.Bugfix ===== Porsche V6.6.9 ===== 1.Add synchronize function: Menu->Synchronize device time 2.Bugfix ===== PSA V6.6.9 =====… Continue Reading

VVDI BMW Tool Software Free Download

Free Download the last two version of VVDI BMW Tool: V1.4.9 and V1.4.7. 1.VVDI BMW Tool V1.4.9 Free Download: https://public-ap-southeast-1-1251058331.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/download/product/bmwtool/software/BMWTOOL-ConfigurationFileV103.exe VVDI BMW Tool V1.4.9 Update (Jan. 3rd, 2020) -Require firmware V1.4.3 -Update info: 1.Improvement for F-Series coding and programming-Support update installECUList 2.Improvement for VIN decode function 3.Support reset F-Series 6HP EWS information 4.Special function for F/G series: Improvement for switch ON ignition 5.E-series ECU synchronize code(OBDII): Add new type for N73_R0, N73_L0, ME9N62, ME9E65 etc. 2.VVDI BMW Tool V1.4.7… Continue Reading

Benz VCI C6 vs. OEM C6 vs. ECOM vs. C4 vs. C4 Plus Doip vs. C5 Doip

This post is available with Mercede Benz diagnosis tools, include Benz VCI C6, Benz OEM C6, Benz ECOM, SD Connect C4, SD Connect C4 Plus Doip, Xentry Connect C5 Doip, mainly talk about their difference. Name Benz VCI C6 Benz… Continue Reading