Read/write ME9.2 BMW & pinout with MPPS, Xprog and BDM100

Bosch 0261209005, ME9.2 from BMW E46 N42B20 2001.

How i can read this ecu? I have XPROG, Willem GQ-4x and MPPS, do those work with this?

BDM pinout for XPROG? Or how wire MPPS?


  1. MPPS should work, the way to wire it, ask in open forum for a picture of MPPS pinout for BMW ME9.2.


  1. XPROG work, here BDM pinout for XPROG


  1. bdm100 works. i have managed read and write with bdm100. At the firs begining, when i read from original and trying to write it to other samekind ecu i get erasing block fail erro.

Finally, I found point which is connected to pin 53 (WP). I connected voltage to test point and now succeed to write dump from other ecu.