(Solved) MPPS V18 VAG EDC17CP04 Blocked Writing

This excellent write-up is aimed to share a working solution of MPPS V18 blocked when writing back EDC17CP04, with “bad checksum error” message.


Model: GOLF MKVI 2.0 tdi

ECU: edc17cp14


Connection: OBD & Boot mode

I read flash with mpps V18 by obd without problem and turn flaps off.
I then write back and at 100% “bad checksum error” message.
Car not starts even if i wrote back ori file.
I found same SW boot mode file on the net and write back but still no start.
I precise i wrote it by boot mode.

MPPS v18 read and write by boot mode without problem.
But MPPS don't shows me any VIN number so i think eeprom is corrupted!



i found solutions on another topic, ecu was locked by obd so i have to unlovk it with flashing back BY OBD with boot mode file found online.
Here is solution by magicmotorsport :

We are receiving so many emails from deperated tuners with similar problem, that we decided to prepare small manual “how to” to resolve this issue:

First problem: ECU VAG EDC17CP04/14 blocked writing MOD by OBD (so called EEPROM crash)


caused by: ECU remain in programming mode.

  1. Read IROM / XROM and EEPROM in bootloader mode.
    2. Fix IROM/XROM using bootloader readout and OBD ORI readout (you will probably need to paste part of map zone and chk/RSA zone)
    3. Write fixed IROM/XROM by bootloader (do not touch EEPROM!)
    4. connect ECU to the car and write repaired IROM/XROM (same used for bootloader) by OBD.
    It will automaticaly fix eeprom problem.


Second problem: ECU VAG EDC17 blocked writing IROM /XROM by bootloader. Cannot read anymore IROM/EEPROM


Caused by: damaged sector 0 by interrupted writing

  1. find someone with MAGpro2 X17 or T-BOOT tool
    2. Write IROM / XROM by X17/T-BOOT using OPTIONS= ALL

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