Swap VW Engine ECU MED17.5.2: ODIS or Ktag?

VW vehicles around year 2012 may have this issue – rains coming through the front windshield corrode pins on MED17.5.2 engine ECU and break it, so we have to swap it and learn it to the car.

Here we compare 2 ways:

1.OEM Software ODIS
First you need to pay for ODIS software and download it to your laptop, and connect your vehicle to your laptop by a diagnostic tool. (You can choose OEM diagnostic tools like VAS 5054A, VAS6154 or other diagnostic tools like VXDIAG VCX SE 6154).
Unplug the old engine ECU and plug the new one, and the left part is on vehicle.
Go to “Engine Control Module (ECM),replacing and adapting” and follow instructions.


  • Easy operation and no risk (No contact with ECU except plug&unplug).


  • Require network connection.
  • Need to pay for OEM software ODIS.

2.Ktag + Tango
Ktag reads and backup old ECU file.

On Tango, load EEPROM and FLASH file, “Decode Dump” and save data text.

Edit VIN, Component, MAC and login by data text, and save dump.

Ktag writes the dump into the new ECU.

Low cost and don’t need network support.

Tough operation, have risks on breaking ECU.

Of course there are other programmers that can swap/clone a VW engine ECU, for example, HexTag, KTM, CG FC200
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