KTAG V7.020 Red PCB VS Green PCB

KTAG V7.020 red PCB differs from green PCB in the PCB color, and same in the ECU reading writing functions.



KTAG V7.020 red PCB

Source: www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/ktag-v7020-eu-version.html

The Pros:

1.Online Operation supported.

2.No tokens limited.

3.Multi-languages option.

  1. Can work on XP/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 operation system.
  2. Read and write many ecus without any problems.

6.With latest software and hardware.

  1. Easy to use, smoothly programming.
  2. Price is cheap decent.

The Cons:
1.Cant install kess,ktag software in the same pc.
2.dont support online updating.
3.when using ktag 7.020,need to disport ecu from vehicles.

Personal Suggestion For Using Red KESS 5.017 + Red PCB KTAG 7.020
If you wanna flash more ecus for different vehicles, then you can get kess and ktag together, red kess is perfect for obdii using, but as you have known,there still has many ECUs that need to be programmed with Jtag, BDM and Boot protocols(tricore and ST10),then in this case,you still need ktag 7.020. For the ktag 7.020 disporting job,you can still buy a bdm frame to simple you job.

So,summary about my experience,if you are looking for a OBDII ECU Flash Tools,then you can buy Red PCB KTAG 7.020 + KESS 7.020 together,i have tested on my vehicles for my customers,no problems !


KTAG V7.020 green PCB

Source: http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/ktag-frimware-v7020-ecu-programmer-with-renew-button.html



Both KTAG V7.020 green PCB and red PCB can read and write ECU, they are the same when using.

KTAG V7.020 review on what work:

I try with edc16c31 smart 451, read write in bdm ok with ktag, read write ok in obd with kess.


I tested with a lot of edc17 in these day and read and write without problem.


I made a video with a edc17c50 bmw 120d f21 with gpt, read and write ok.

I have a fiat edc17c69 virgin (without software inside), this I can’t read.


My Ktag 7.020is able to read and write EDC17C69


7.020 version runs faster and more stable.


Ktag 7.02 good working. no problem.


Ktag master 7.020 displays diagrams via words, not pictures. It’s better to understand0


I tried to read Bosch edc17c69 gpt Fiat 500X and not working, with ktag ori read and write ok.


I read a lot of edc17 and few edc17 with gpt and all read and write ok maybe there is a bug in sw/fw from alientech.
virtual reading is = servidor ALIen.
virtual reading id ecu , and download firmware.
Not real soft.
uds vag =


I compared 7.020 with my old 7.003. KTAG fw 7.020 adds 100+ ECU types and supports new car models e.g. Toyota 76FXXX, PSA 17.4.4, Ford E83, VW 17.5.5 (1766), Mercedes-Benz 276 ECU, Toyota 76F, etc. It should be a good budget i think.


The clone Ktag 7.020 canreadmy 2013 Opel Insignia EDC17C59

To be continued.