Autel Can’t Program The 2nd Key on VW CC Tips & Solution

Autel IM508/IM608 Issue:
Want to add a key for remote start, and able to program the first key but cant program the second key on a VW CC 2015.
I am assuming the key is locked from the dealer and previously worked with the car. If I put this back in the car since I have a key matched, should I be able to program the two keys properly via OBDII?
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What he has done to troubleshoot the issue:
1.OBD programming (Expert mode)
IMMO>>Volkswagen>>Expert selection>>Comfort module Passat B6/CC

General procedure:
Read immo data(PIN & CS code)->Search for 7th byte of CS code when all keys are lost->Make dealer key->Key learning

Good to know:
During “Make dealer key”, we need to program the second key using a dealer key.

2.On-bench programming (Take out CCM)
General procedure:
Take out the Comfort Control Module behind the glovebox
Read the 95320 EEPROM
Make dealer key
Restore back the CCM and program key via OBD

3.Separate Programming (Transponder + Remote)
Try to clone the chip and write the remote in but it doesn’t work. I need sniffer data to clone, so without a working key I can’t clone a ID46 key in this vehicle.

Good to know:
For ID46 key, the remote cannot be programmed separately by OBD; only for ID48 key, we could clone the transponder and program remote via OBD.

Finally he figured out the Reason:

One of two dealer keys is bad.
That’s why the 2nd key will fail no matter the good one or the bad one is programmed firstly.

For remote learning, some customers will recommend OEM software ODIS with an OEM tool (VAS 5054/VAS 6154, VXDIAG VCX SE 6154…).

Thanks to Kurt, Matt, Nick, Popa…

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