Mercedes Retrofit: Activate DRL & Parking Light Operating Mode

Activate Daytime Running Lamp (DRL) together with the head lamp on Mercedes W212, W204, X204 via MB star diagnostic engineer software Vediamo.

Usually, Mercedes is on daylight mode where you’ll only have the DRL on in Auto mode and when you turn on the headlamp the DRL will go off.

So, we’re going to activate the operating mode of DRL. Besides, we’ll also modify the brightness of it.
Plug your MB Star Diagnosis Tool (MB SD C4, C5, VXDIAG VCX SE, Pro M6…) to your Mercedes.
Enter “V Ecoute”.
Check “System based on DIOGENES data”, cancel “System based on VEDIAMO System descriptions”, select “SAMF_172” and press “OK”.

Right-click “SAMF_172” and open up “Properties”.
Change “Connection” to “…HSCAN_UDS_500”

Establish contact.
Coding>>Variant Coding
Change “Service” to “VCD_Parameter_Tagfahrlicht”.

On current coding, “…STLmitTFL” is off, so
On Fragments, select “…STLmitTFL” and “Active” and click on “ECU-Coding”.

So we activate this mode.
Here we can see the brightness of the night mode (…Nacht) is 5%, so we set it to 40% in the same way.

Also, we set the brightness of the daytime mode (…Tag) to 90% or 100%.

Unfold “Function” and double-click “FN_HardReset”.

Now we can turn on the headlamp and the DRL together.

Disconnect contact to finish it.

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