FLY OBD Terminator calculate Nissan 20-digit pin/password

A technician working for eobdtool today has tested that Flyobd OBD Terminator FVDI2 Quick Loader (full version or locksmith version) perform well in Nissan 20-digit pin codes calculation via OBD. Connect FLY OBD Terminator hardware to the Nissan car via… Continue Reading

Newest update FLY OBD Terminator V1.5 Full & Locksmith version

FLY OBD Terminator V1.5 is newly released for both FLY OBD Terminator Full Version and FLY OBD Terminator Locksmith version. You can update it online. More update details are as follows: FLY OBD Terminator V1.5 (2016-8-17): Write odometer; adjust mileage… Continue Reading

Fly OBD Terminator Full Version with FREE HDS 3.016 JLR SDD 146 TIS v11 IDS released the new Fly OBD Terminator Full Version supporting basic diagnosis, immobilizer, mileage correction, SI/SRS reset, programming and synchronization, and free software as a gift including Honda HDS V3.016, JLR SDD V146.00, TIS V11.00.017, VCM IDS. OBD Terminator Version:… Continue Reading