VOCOM II Frequently Asked Questions

Here we share some VOCOM II Frequently asked questions.


How do I check the installed driver version?

Open the Configurator and check the Driver Version in the footer.
This is the same version you will see if you open Windows Start Menu > Add or remove programs > Communication Unit VOCOM II.


How do I check the installed firmware version?

Open Configurator and check the Firmware Version in the footer.
You need to have a VOCOM II device connected, it will display the firmware version of the connected device, another device can have a different firmware version installed.


What is the difference between driver and firmware?

The driver is the software that gets installed in the computer, and is referred as the whole installation.

The driver installation contains many components, like the diagnostic communication component used by the diagnostic applications, the Configurator application and other necessary components for VOCOM to work.

The firmware is the software that runs in the VOCOM device itself, it controls the VOCOM hardware and responds to commands coming from the computer.

The driver version always have a correspondent firmware version and by updating to a new driver version requires a new firmware to be updated in the device.

The VOCOM driver automatically updates the device firmware to the correct version.


Why I cannot see my VOCOM II device when I connect it to my computer using USB cable?
The most common causes are:

  • Firewall is blocking the VOCOM II communication
  • VPN connection is blocking the VOCOM II communication
  • Microsoft USB driver installation problem
  • USB port is damaged
  • USB cable is damaged
  • VOCOM II device is defective


Why I cannot set the configuration due to the password field?

Probably because your password has less than 8 characters, due to cybersecurity constraints it is required that the password have more than 8 characters, even if it is your user password.


Why the password field seems to ‘reset’ after I save the configuration?

This is to protect your password, after you save a valid configuration the password is securely stored in the VOCOM II device and not in the application, Configurator will then present a ‘dummy’ password then.

After the password is saved and you want to change any other configuration option you don’t need to type your password again, if you don’t change the password field the saved password in the device will remain the same.


Why and when do I need to activate the Unicast option?
The VOCOM II uses multicast address in order to sent identification packets to the computer but sometimes the network does not allow multicast packets to be sent/received, in enterprise networks this is a measure to avoid any device to flood the network, in practice that means that the computer cannot ‘see’ the device and this is required for everything else to work.
On such circumstance we need to tell the VOCOM II device to send the identification packets to one specific computer, hence an unicast instead of the default broadcast configuration, since the packets are targeted to one computer the network does not see any problem and the VOCOM II device can be found and used by that computer then.


What about VOCOM 1?
VOCOM 1 is not officially supported anymore but shall continue to work with vehicles without Ethernet data link.


How do I check the signal strength?
You check the signal strength in VOCOM II Configurator…


Can I use another USB Wi-Fi adapter?
Yes, you can. Any USB Wi-Fi adapter that is detected by Windows can be used.