Xhorse Multi-Prog VS CG FC200

Xhorse Multi-Prog and CG FC200 are the best original ECU/TCU programmers under 1000 Euros.

Both can read and write a wide range of ECUs, and also can read VAG MQB48 NEC35XX IMMO data and correct mileage, etc. What is the difference between them? Which one is better? We have compared them at keyboard functionality, ECU menu arrangement, search function, online update, ECU compatibility, script function, and subscription fee, etc. Check the details below.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 1

1.Keyboard Functionality Comparison

Multi-Prog is better than CG FC-200 in this function. You can use the keyboard to check the ECU manufacturer or others on Multi-Prog software quickly, no need for a mouse. It’s really a plus. But FC200 doesn’t have this ability, and you can only navigate through the software using the mouse.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 2

2.ECU Menu Arrangement Comparison

FC200 is better than Multi Prog is this function.

The menu of Multi-prog Programmer is not arranged in alphabetical order from A to Z. For example, you start with Audi, then BMW, and then Porsche, which is not logically arranged.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 3

3.Search Function Comparison

The search function of Multi-Prog Programmer is very good. When searching for specific ECUs, such as simos, it can search fast and offer accurate results.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 4

4.Online Update Comparison

Xhorse Multi Prog supports database, software, and firmware update online frequently, which saves your time and ensure you have access to the latest updates without any issues.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 5

5.ECU/TCU Compatibility Comparison

Compared with CG FC200 ECU Programmer, the Xhorse Multi-Prog Programmer has a larger variety of supported ECUs. Multi Prog supports more ECUs and TCUs on PSA, FIAT, BMW, Opel, Mercedes, Renault, Nissan, Ford, VAG, etc (e.g. DCM3.5, DCM6.2A, DCM6.2C, DCM7.1A, DCM7.1B, Valeo V56.x SID807, etc).

But CG FC-200 can support VAG SIMOS 8.1/8.2/8.3, FIAT GPEC2, GPEC3, etc. ECU while multi-prog doesn’t cover.

In detail…



FC200 allows you directly select BMW ECUs, while the Multi Prog provides the option to select both BMW ECUs and BMW series.

Multi-Prog supports E-Engine MSV70 while FC200 ECU Programmer doesn’t support.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 6


CG FC200 ECU Programmer has the ECU option to read and write SIMOS 8.1, SIMOS 8.2, SIMOS 8.3, SIMOS 12.2, but Multi Prog doesn’t have.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 7


Multi Prog supports DCM3.5, DCM6.2A, DCM6.2C, DCM7.1A, DCM7.1B, Valeo V56.x, and SID807 while FC200 doesn’t support.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 8

  • Fiat ECU

CG FC200 supports GPEC2, GPEC3, Bosch Valeo J34P, and Bosch DCU17PC42, which are not available on Multi Prog.

However, Xhorse ECU Programmer has the ability to read/write DCM3.5, 6F3, 6JF, 8F2, 8F3, 8DF, 8GMK, 8GSF, 8GSW, 8GMW, 8GMF, 9DF, 9GF, while FC200 doesn’t have.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 9

  • Opel ECU

Multi Prog supports 8F3, 9DF, 6JO, 602, 603, e84, e83a, e87, Denso SH7055, which cannot be found on FC200.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 10

  • Mercedes-Benz ECU

Both ECU programmers provide comprehensive support. The only difference is that Multi Prog has Delphi CRD 11 ECU option while FC200 doesn’t. 

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 11

  • Renault ECU

Multi Prog Programmer offers a wide range of Renault ECUs incl. Continental SID301, SID205, SID306, SID309, EMS3134, S3000, and Modules-XC164CS, while FC200 has a shorter list of supported Renault ECUs and doesn’t support the ECU models just mentioned on Multi-prog.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 12

  • Mazda/Honda/Toyota ECUs

Both programmers offer similar support with no notable differences.

  • Nissan ECU

Multi Prog excels in supporting Nissan ECUs due to its compatibility with Renault engines. It also supports a few Denso generation ECUs like Denso D3, D40, 23740_3Nxxx Gen1, 23740_5Sxxx Gen2, 23740_5Sxxx Gen3, and SID305/309/310 that are not available on the FC200.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 13

  • Kia/Hyundai ECU

Both programmers have the same ECU type. The only difference is that CG FC200 supports SIM2K_240 ECU which the Multi Prog doesn’t support.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 14

  • Ford ECU

The four types of ECUs named DCM3.5, DCM6.1, SID209, and Bosch DCU17PC43 are available on the Multi Prog, but not available on FC200.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 15

  • GM Cadillac and Chevrolet ECU

There are no notable differences between the two programmers.

  • GM Chrysler ECU

CG FC200 has more ECU types like Continental GPEC2 MPC5566, GPEC2A SPC5674, GPEC3 SPC5674, All Getrag_MOS6 TC1766, Bosch EDC17C49 TC1797, ME2.8.1 ST10C167, ZF 8HP SH725xx, ZF 9HP TC1782 while Multi Prog does not have.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 16

2). Gearbox TCU


FC200 supports ZF-8HP gearboxes (8HP50, 8HP70, 8HP75, 8HP90), while the VVDI MultiProg supports DQ380, DQ381, DQ500, DQ501Gen2, VL381, 8HP45/55/65 TCUs. They cover different TCUs, with the Multi Prog offering support for more DQ TCUs.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 17


Both programmers offer similar support.

But FC200 supports GETRAG_7DCT300 while Multi Prog supports GETRAG_DKG436/gen1 and GETRAG_DKG436/gen2.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 18


FC200 supports ZF-9HP TCU, but Multi Prog does not.

Multi –Prog supports GETRAG-SPS6 and GETRAG-W6DGA while FC200 doesn’t.

xhorse multi prog vs cg fc200 19

6.Script Function Comparison

VVDI Multi Prog offers a unique script function, allowing users to create their own scripts. This is a significant advantage and provides greater flexibility. Xhorse also plans to add built-in scripts in future updates.


7.Subscription Fee and Updates Comparison

Multi Prog does not require a subscription fee and offers lifetime free updates, making it a cost-effective option.

CG FC200 supports free update online for one year. The annual fee will be €200/year after the first year.


8.VAG MQB48 NEC35XX Immobilizer Data Comparison

Both ECU programmers can read VAG MQB48 NEC35XX immo data and correct mileage.


In summary:

Xhorse Multi-Prog ECU Programmer is the best especially when you have an option of reading chips and MCU’s and also be able to read IMMO data. But a great advantage for FC200 for Mercedes-Benz. The VGS-NAG3 9G Tronic that VVDI Multiprog doesn’t have. It is recommended to have both tools on hand if you have sufficient budget.


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