Xhorse Wire/Wireless/ Super/ Smart Remote Key Using Tips

Today let’s talk about Xhorse remote keys which come with original Xhorse PCB and popular with high stability, reliability and digital signature. There are four kinds of Xhorse remote keys:

Wire remote key, Wireless remote key, Super remote key and Smart remote key.

Part 1: Xhorse remote keys comparison chart:

Function Wire remote key  Wireless remote key Super remote key   Smart remote key
Works code XK series XN series XE series XS series
Package color Red Blue Purple Orange
Package IMG
Points 25 40 40 60
Remote generate mode connect socket wireless generate wireless generate wireless generate
Start car chip × √(Only copy models are supported) √(According to the super model chip) √(smart)
Transponder × Nxp chip clone 46, 47 super model chip function keyless go
Generate remote control equipment from Xhorse vvdi factory from Xhorse vvdi factory  from Xhorse vvdi factory from Xhorse vvdi factory
Match the remote control mode Manual or remote control Manual or remote control Manual or remote control remote control


It’s hard to tell the type of Xhorse remote key from the shell. There is only one way to know by opening the circuit board.

  • Use tools to open the shell, if it is easy to have static electricity in winter, please release the static electricity on the hand first and then to open the shell.

From the comparison chart, we can know as below:

1.Only Xhorse wire remote key has socket while others don’t have.

2.Xhorse wireless remote key has Nxp chip and can generate chip by wireless sensor.

3.A supermodel chip is built into the circuit board of the Xhorse Super remote key.

4.There are three inductors in the Xhorse smart remote key.

Note: The buttons for wireless/smart/super remote keys are better to use.

Part 2: Xhorse remote keys using tips

1.Xhorse wire remote keys generation:

Tools need: VVDI key tool max+ generation cable+ wire remote key

Procedure: Connect wire remote key to key tool max via cable-> select the corresponding car model and remote key model-> click Generate to operate

Note: Xhorse wire remote key can be generated for many times, but only can get 25 points once. You can open Xhorse APP to select online store to check which goods

can change or authorization can get by points.

Sometimes, it needs to connect internet to update key tool max or generate some keys by key tool max, but in most cases it can be used offline and does not need internet at all times.

2.Xhorse wireless remote keys generation

It need to install batteries firstly, and make sure the credit light flash red and then check the signal is ok, then can generate. No need generation cable, just put the key into key tool max generation coil.

3.Xhorse smart remote keys generation

It will take longer time to generate smart keys. After all the remote keys generation, it also need OBD device to match, such as VVDI Mini OBD works with Key tool max or Autek ikey820 or Lonsdor K518 key programmer.

That’s all. If you want to know more details, please visit www.eobdtool.co.uk