2017 LED BDM Frame with 4 Probes Mesh – easy your ECU programming work

2017 new LED BDM Frame with 4 Probes Mesh is designed for ECU tunners to work with Kess V2 Ktag Fgtech Galletto BDM100 ECU Programmer.
It is best bracket for ECU Update/ECU Brush And Write/ECM Modified and programming/Probe holder/Dimsport aids.
With this new LED BDM Frame, it will easy your ECU programming work, it is easier to use than the old BDM frame, LED works for 12V. Once you connect with probe,then you disconnect 12V battery for LED,it will works.The probe pin is adjustable.

2017 new LED BDM Frame package:
1pc x Bdm frame with LED (Made by Acrylic board)
4pc x Connect cable for Probe
4pc x Probe
Made by Acrylic board

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LED BDM Frame for sale: €61.99 http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/led-bdm-frame-with-4-probes-mesh-full-kit.html
LED BDM Frame + Ktag V7.020 €252 free shipping

LED BDM Frame + Kess v2 v5.017 €252 free shipping