Here! Get one free OBDSTAR RT100 Remote Tester Frequency/Infrared IR

OBDSTAR RT100 Remote Tester Frequency Infrared (IR) is a must tool for any locksmith who want a device to detect frequency of car remote control as well as the infrared is working or not. Though small OBDSTAR RT100 is, it plays a very important role in car key programming and maintenance jobs.

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How to use OBDSTAR RT10 to test frequency range?
1. OBDSTAR RT100 testable frequency:

2. With intuitive Screen Display, it is very easy to use.
Power on RT100
Put the remote control close to the device
Press any button on the remote control
The lit indicator shows the frequency

How to use OBDSTAR RT10 to test if Infrared working or not?
The indicator on- working
The indicator off – in malfunction