ACTIA Multidiag 3/2017 41.06 + sp4 41.41 Mega free download: NO pass

I’ve perform to program a pic to work with Multidiag 2017 III SP4

– First : You have to install Multidiag WITHOUT internet connected. It’s not difficult to find it to download.
Serial to install it : 033918
Download link :
ACTIA Multidiag 3/2017 41.06 + sp4 41.41


dvd 3.2017_41.06 multidiag!43QQmS7B!vecthEtazucRBaINE8Jw0dqCPt6_kSgXsFmd68yUTsU

– Second : You must have a old interface of multidiag. Black and yellow

– Third : To program it you have to buy Pickit 3 to connect to the 12F629 with an easy clip without desoldering it.

– Program it with the VDD + 5v (don’t forget to note the oscal value before programming)

And it’s OK

Need the Hex file ? No problem !

And the keyupdate :

This drivers only:!WUEnXK7I!M8Wg4MHBX0jLFTeRBoXz1w

Actia PassThru+ XS 207U Driver

Question: a question I have the clone of 2016 pass thru is compatible I can update it thanks

Answer: for use this software you must have actia vci 1 yellow and blue or vci 2 gray. Your vci must have valid serial number. You can buy vci 1yellow and change chip for use with 2017 version.

Question: where is the keygen for III-2017

Answer: There isn’t keygen, it work with serial from pic12f629 in your VCI. You need working serial for 2017.


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