Autophix OBDII EOBD diagnostic scanners Comparison tables

This post includes:

Autophix OM121 Vs OM123 Vs OM127;

Ford 7710 Vs BMW 7810 Vs VW V007

VW V007 VS. ES680


  1. Autophix OM121 Vs OM123 Vs OM127



Product name AUTOPHIX OM121 Universal OBDII Auto Code Reader AUTOPHIX OM123 Universal OBDII Scanner AUTOPHIX OM127 OBD2 Scanner
Price $21.99 $31.99 $55
Reads and displays DTCs
Erases DTCs
Reads live data stream OBDII
Views freeze frame data OBDII
I/M readiness status OBDII
Displays live O2 sensor test data
Displays On-board monitor test results
Check Vehicle components work status
Retrieves vehicle information (VIN,CIN and CVN) OBDII
Reads, records & playbacks live sensor data, DTC and freeze frame data Reads, records & playbacks live sensor data
Fuel Economy Analysis
Trip information
Support JOBD protocol with check Japanese vehicles
On-Screen live data graphing
Built-in code library
Multilingual menu options and code definitions
Color Screen
Smart 8 Line Display 128 x 64 easy-to-read backlit LCD display with adjustable contrast
16-pin OBD2 cable
Durable Nylon Storage Case
CE, FCC, RoHS certification
FREE internet updates via USB cable


  1. Ford 7710 Vs BMW 7810 Vs VW V007
Features & Functions Volkswagen V007 Ford 7710 BMW 7810
Professional Basic functions Read Fault codes
Clear fault codes
Read Datastream
Version info
Retrives vehicle info
CBS Reset
Clear adaptation
Battery management
Electronic Parking Brake
Steering-angle sensor
DPF Regeneration
Reset the oil change indicator
Battery monitor system reset
Straight ahead adaption angle reset
DPF Reset, DPF manual regeneration
Electronic Parking Brake Replace Brake Pads
Oil Reset
TP Position Check
Brake Pads Reset
Other OBDII functions Read Fault codes
Clear fault codes
Read Datastream
Vehicle info
Display I/M readiness status
Features Screen 128*64 backlight LCD screen 2.4inch color screen 2.4inch color screen
Free internet updates
CE, FCC, RoHs certification


  1. VW V007 VS. ES680
Features & Functions Autophix VAG007 Autophix ES680
OBDII /EOBD Read Live data stream
View freeze frame data
Read codes
Clear codes
I/M Readiness
Display live O2 sensor test data
Retrieves vehicle info (VIN, CIN and CVN) VIN
VAG vehicles Read ECU information
Read codes
Clear codes
Read Live data stream
Test VAG full model and full system
Basic setting
Safety Access
Readiness test
Easily detects systems includes engine, ABS, Airbag, transmission, radio, climate control, instrument, immobilizer and so on.
Support protocol:VPW, PWM,ISO, KWP2000,Bosch & Can protocols.
Support UDS protocol
Other features Free update
8-lines lCD display,128*64 Dot Matrix 2.8inch color screen
16-pin OBD2 cable
Durable Nylon Storage Case
Special Oil reset
TP position Check
ABS Replace brake pads


Autophix OBDII EOBD diagnostic scanners should be a cheap alternative of Autel Autolink and Launch Creater tools because they can work and sales at cheap price, besides multi-language available and free update online.