ADM-300A Software Installation and Online Upgrade Guide

Original ADM-300A Digital Master SMDS II is an ECU programming tool, being made by YANHUA Tech, supporting multi-function, including Audio decoding, reading IMMO code, Airbag resetting, Odometer adjusting ECU programming and Data programming etc.

ADM-300A Digital Master SMDS II-1

Supported OS: Windows XP and WIN 7

ADM 300A Digital Master Software Installation Guide:


Put package attached software CD into computer CD-ROM drive;

Open Auto Digital Mas (E);

Open Auto Digital Mas (E)-2

Run “Reader Software of Instruction (Adobe Reader)”;

Reader Software of Instruction (Adobe Reader)-3

Follow prompts to complete Adobe Reader setup;

Run “YHSMDS3-1.7.1402.25-EN Setup. exe”, automatically come out following new window;

YHSMDS3-1.7.1402.25-EN Setup. exe-4

Being Easily done according to the system prompts;

Double Click “Auto Digital Master 3” icon on the desktop;

Wait for connection;

Wait for connection-5

Click OK, and then Select Reconnect;

Select Reconnect-6

It is OK, click Exit;

Additionally, ADM-300A Digital Master SMDS III supports update line, you just make sure the computer has been online before upgrade operation.

ADM-300A Digital Master SMDS III supports update line-7 ADM-300A Digital Master SMDS III supports update line-8

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This is from obd tool website technical support