Ak500+ software download

AK500 + key programmer is the most powerful key programmer specially designed for Benz vehicles. AK500 + support programming infrared key for Mercedes Benz 1998 to 2009

How to install mercedes benz ak500+ key programmer (video):

Step 1:. Insert ak500 + CD software into the computer Open IE explorer, enter http://www.obd2vip.com

Step 2: Enter “ak500” in the search column

Step 3: Download ak500 plus key programmer software driver zip file.

Step 4: Unzip and open the ak500 plus zip fileStep

5: Install ak500 + plus driver

Step 6: Complete the User Information, then the driver will install automatically

Step 7: Delete all the related ak500 + files on the desktop

Step 8: Open CD software and unzip “AK500 & SKC en Rar:.”

Step 9: Open and run AK500 + & SKC setup Wizard to start install AK500 + & SKC setup

Step 10: Right click “. AK500 + exe” on the desk top to check the Properties Select “Find Target” and then find out AK500 + DV and open “CP210x-VCP-WIN-XP-SZK3-Vista-7-V6.53. .rar “file, exit the program

Step 11: Open “Device Manager” >> “Ports (CCM & LPT)” >> Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UARPT Bridge (CCM7)

Step 12:. Run “AK500 + exe” on the desk top welcome the software main interface Select “MCU / MPC Programmer” on the function menu list.

Step 13: Select the vehicle MCU type eg OK78X on the list and click “Read” to start mcu programming Then exit to back the function menu..

Step 14: Select “Benz IR Keymaker” button >> New IR key >> Socket / Via IR >> Read to program new keys.