Ak500+ user manual

AK500+ key programmer can match and support function “Keyless Go” of Benz Infrared Key, here, vipprogrammer.com will gather the user help document about Ak500+ key programmer, including: operation video, software download, some question and user manual, the almost questions that our customers meet, by these user manual, you will know more information about AK500+ key programmer, we hope this article can help you.

Ak500 key programmer is a powerful, multi-purpose, intelligent key programming tool for Mercedes Benz, AK500 key programmer is used for generate key data or unlock ESL.

Latest Software version: V1.92.


Free download Mercedes MB Benz AK500+ user manual and  update manual



ak500+ user manual
Q 2: how to difference the Cable connection on the package>
A 2: the color connection is judged by the color, from the little cable with yellow mark, it is the cable1, next is the cable 2, and so on.

ak500+ cable
Q 3: How to connect the cable when programming key or unlock ESI ?
A 3:  1) Find the right main board user manual: Click the user manual, you will find many different main board, find the right one. The same as the board you want to connect, such as this one is your board, check the user manual, find the main board which has the same number and weld point.

connect the cable when programming key

Q 4: what is the difference about AK400 and AK500 key programmer
A 4: you can downoad this pdf document: http://www.slideshare.net/obd2motor/ak500-andak400functionalcomparisontable

About connection. When you find the user manual, you will see there are many numbers on the manual, how to connect the cable with the main board. Give the following photo as the example:

Check the photo, make sure the number and weld point are the same as your board, especially for weld point. On the up, we mention the little color cable, then weld the little color cable with the same place which mark the same number as the cable. Such as cable 1 weld the place which mark number 1, cable 7 weld the point which mark number 7. If you do not know how to weld, you can go to your local repair office to check.

if you want need the more user manaul and operation video document, pls choose our this items: User database and manual for Mercedes Benz AK500,

including: Benz IR key maker video
EIS flah revovery video
Firmware udpate video
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FAQ about clone AK500+ key programmer:

Q: How to read EIS data?
A:  1) import the EIS data into SKC calculator; 2) get the key data; 3) write the key data into the new key; 4)the car can start now.

Q: Where to watch AK500+ Video tutorial and user manual?
A: After installed the software, right-click the “AK500+_exe”-property-find target, then you will see the video and user manual.

Q: What is AK500+ moveable Hard Disk used for?
A: It is used when generating key data. If you have SKC the moveable Hard Disk won’t be used, otherwise it will be used.