How to reset BMW E46 airbag light with Autel MD802 and Creator C110?

When you get BMW E46 airbag light on, there are several tools options to reset it, for example, Autel Maxidiag Elite MD802 scanner, BMW Creator C110, BMW Scanner 1.4.0, Launch Creader CRP123, Launch Creader CRP129 or Autolink AL619. All of the above-mentioned scanners are tested okay to reset airbag light for BMW E46.

While in the following parts, I will simply show how to reset BMW E46 airbag light with Autel MD802 and Creator C110.

Part 1: Procedure on how Autel Maxidiag Elite MD802 scanner reset BMW E46 airbag light with.

Plug Autel md802 maxidiag elite scan tool with BMW E46 via OBD socket

Power up the device

Select “Scan” icon on the main screen

Select vehicle region: European /Asia or USA

Select car make: BMW

Select vehicle model series: 3 series>>E46

Wait until the Elite MD802 system build well communication vehicle

The MD 802 scanner will automatically read the vehicle model and version information

There are two main function options: “Auto scan” and “Control unit”. Select “Control unit”

Select “Body” control unit

Select “MRS Multiple Restrain System Ⅲ/Ⅰ” by pull down the list

Select “Read Codes” in the next screen

The system will display the fault code and fault explaination. You can see from the screen that two error codes are stored in ECU.

Select “Erase Codes”

Click “Yes” when you get message “DTCs and Freeze data will be lost”

Check the SRS indicator on dashboard, if the airbags light does not off, repeat Read and Erase fault codes, it will be work.


Disconnect the Autel Elite MD802 scan tool from vehicle.

Part 2: Procedure on how Creator C110 OBDcode scanner reset BMW E46 airbag light with.


Complete Creator C110 OBD2 software installation

Connect Creator C110 scanner with BMW E46 via OBD socket

Select DIAGNOSE function from the main menu

Select BMW 3 Series

Select the detail BMW model: 3-serie E46

Select Body control module

Pull down the drop-list and select SRS (Air bag), click OK

Select Read trouble code

The system will automatically read error code information stored in Body module, press OK

Select Erase trouble code.

The reason for the airbags light was on the dashboard. It needs to be disconnected.

Once reconnected, go back to C110 BMW code reader program, select Erase trouble code again.

The system will display message saying Trouble code is erased.

Airbag light will start to flash. If the light does not stop flashing, turn ignition off and then turn it on.