How to Clone VW DQ200 TCU with Kess V3 on Bench?

Alientech Kess V3 is able to read and write VW DQ200 TCU via OBD and bench mode.

Let’s see how to operate on bench.


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kess v3 clone vw dq200 tcu 1


Protocol 1545 TEMIC DSG DQ200 VAG support ECUs:

  • 0AM.927.769.D
  • 0AM.927.769.F
  • 0AM.927.769.M


Remove the ECU from the vehicle

Connect to the ECU

Select Identify ECU in the programming menu to allow correct recognition of the ECU

Always make a full backup of the ECU

Proceed with read backup and write backup.

Connection modes:

Accessory Direct
Bench power supply 1400K3ALIM
Multiwire cable 144300KBNC
TCU extensions for multiwire cable 144300KTCU
TCM cable (discontinued*) 144300T118

Plug in the bench power supply 1400K3ALIM to the KESS3 ECU programmer

Connect the cable 144300KBNC to the ECU connector, using the appropriate extensions 144300KTCU according to the pinout below.

Note: as an alternative, cable 144300T118 can be used.

Color Description
Black GND
White CAN-H
Green CAN-L

kess v3 clone vw dq200 tcu 2


Connect Kess V3 to VW DQ200 TCU and computer by the corresponding cable, and supply power to Kess3 as well

Run Alientech Suite software

Update firmware to the latest version

kess v3 clone vw dq200 tcu 3

Input dq200 to choose the desired TCU model (i.e. Audi A3 8P (2010) 1.2 TFSI S-Tronic 77 Kw)

kess v3 clone vw dq200 tcu 4

Select Bench connection mode

kess v3 clone vw dq200 tcu 5

Start to perform the read/write functions.

Identify ECU>> Read backup>> Write backup

It takes about 2 minutes to read backup the data, keep patient!

But it’s fast to write data!

kess v3 clone vw dq200 tcu 6 kess v3 clone vw dq200 tcu 7 kess v3 clone vw dq200 tcu 8

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