Top 5 Best VNCI Car Diagnostic Tools in 2024

Today, we’ll mainly share the Top 5 best VNCI diagnostic tools for cars in 2024.

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What is VNCI Car Diagnostic Tool?

VNCI brand was established in 2022. It mainly develops a series of VNCI automotive diagnostic products in the original factory compatible mode.


The product goal is “100% genuine’s function, 10% genuine’s price”. It provides customers with a second choice of original factory model, and also provides customers with a cost-effective choice.


VNCI (Vehicle Network Communication Interface) series of products are completely independently developed by VNCI Company and are not clones of original equipment. From chip use to PCB design to firmware programming, they are all independently developed by VNCI Company, no matter what they are used for. The chip is still a PCB design, and the firmware program is completely different from the original equipment. The VNCI series products condense the essence of their R&D team’s 20 years of R&D experience. VNCI Company has complete intellectual property rights for all VNCI series products.


Top 1

VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool

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Price: €112


  1. It is the alternative solution of original 6154A.
  2. Supports CAN FD and DOIP protocols, works for all VAG Brands from 1995 to 2023.
  3. Works with original driver. Don’t need driver manager.
  4. Compatible with ODIS V11 and ODIS Engineer V14.1 or above.

It’s more cost-effective than other VAG diagnostic tools in the market. Supports plug and play, easy to use. It can work fast without any disconnections and displays the voltage, only takes less than one minute to perform auto scan function.

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Top 2

VNCI MDI2 GMs Diagnostic Tool

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Price: €207


  1. GM MDI2, GM Tech2 alternative solution (VNCI MDI2 VS GM MDI II)
  2. 100% support CAN FD and DoIP communication
  3. Support TLC online software, synchronization compatible with the latest MDI2 driver,
  4. Simulate the original GM MDI2 hardware device without worrying about hardware verification
  5. Support B platform offline programming, decrypt 27 security check algorithm
  6. Support GDS2, DPS, and Tech2win offline software
  7. Unlimited computer can be installed to any computer
  8. Support USB and WIFI direct connection and base station (WLAN) connection
  9. Faster and safer
  10. No registration required for direct use.
  11. Supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating system

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Top 3

VNCI MF J2534 Diagnostic Tool for Ford Mazda

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Price: €84

Free Download Ford IDS V130 Mazda IDS V131 for VXDIAG/ VNCI MF J2534

Free Download Ford IDS V130 Mazda IDS V131 for VXDIAG/ VNCI MF J2534

Top 4

VNCI VCM3 Diagnostic Tool for New Ford Mazda

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Price: €159


Both VNCI MF and VCM3 are compatible with Ford/Mazda IDS software to diagnose Ford/Mazda cars. All support software update by link, and firmware update online. Besides, they also can be as J2534 Passthru devices.

VCM3 is a little more expensive than MF J2534, because it supports more functions below.

  • VCM3 can be compatible with OEM software driver
  • Support CAN FD and DOIP protocols
  • Plug and play, can completely replace the original VCM3 diagnostic tool
  • Support new Ford pickup trucks and EV cars
  • VCM3 supports 1996-2024+ Ford/Mazda (MF supports 1996-2023)
  • Compatible with any version of Ford IDS, FDRS (new software), Mazda IDS, MDARS (new software) software (VNCI MF only supports Ford/Mazda IDS software)
  • Support USB, WiFi, and LAN three connection methods (MF doesn’t support LAN)

VNCI VCM3 vs. Genuine VCM3 vs. VNCI J2534 vs. Other Tools:

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Top 5

VNCI PT3G Porsche Diagnostic Tool

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Price: €263


  1. PIWIS diagnostic software supports 23 languages, including German, English, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, and Dutch.
  2. Support Porsche 9PA 9YA 9YB 92A 95B 918 970 971 981 982 986 987 991 992 996 997 Y1A and all Porsche models from 1996 to the present.
  3. Supports Porsche PPN online remote, has the latest PIDT engineering database, allows you to code Panamera, Cayenne E3, Taycan and more
  4. Compatible with original PIWIS driver
  5. Supports latest PIWIS software
  6. Replace original Porsche diagnostic tool PT3G
  7. Supports USB connection

VNCI PT3G vs. OEM PT3G vs. Custom VAS 615A vs. Other PT3G:

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