Can ThinkDiag Reset Tire Pressure for 2015 Chevrolet Suburban?

Customer question: I have a 2015 Chevy Suburban, the tires get low, I want to replace the wheels. I see the tire pressure icon is on the dash. Is possible to reset tire pressure by thinkdiag scanner? How to do?

EOBDTOO.CO.UK engineer replied:

Yes. ThinkdiagOBD2 scanner is a good choice. It not only supports basic diagnosis but also contains 15 kinds of reset services incl. reset TPMS.


It’s easy to use. Please follow the step-by-step guide below to operate:

1. Download, register, activate ThinkDiag APP

Step 1: When receiving ThinkDiag device, you need to download ThinkDiag APP in APP store or Google Play on Android or IOS smartphone.

If you cannot search the APP, click this link to download free directly:

Step 2: After installing, open APP to register with email address, verification code and password.
Step 3: Then login with your available username and password
Step 4: Enter main menu to select “Me” and then choose “activation”

Step 5: Input the serial number and activation code from the password paper comes with Thinkdiag device package.

Step 6: After activating, you can get two free car software in ThinkStore. Choose GM and another car manufacturer.


2.Reset Tire Pressure by ThinkDiag
Plug the ThinkDiag device into OBDII port in your vehicle
When the green light appears on the ThinkDiag that indicates the device is powered on

Turn the ignition on
Run ThinkDiag APP

Select ThinkStore-> Purchased software
There are two ways to select the corresponding car model.
Method 1: Select GM, and it will let us do all of the GM in Chevy vehicles

Method 2: Select Reset TPMS which is a tire pressure modulated

Here selects method 2 to operate.
Connecting Bluetooth automatically

Note: When you hear the beep that means it’s connected.
It will show the disclaimer as below, just click OK to continue

Then select the corresponding car brand –GM

Make sure the ignition switch is on
Pay attention to the path info to enter GM software

Select Chevrolet->Suburban-> 2015-2018

Make sure to reset tire pressure

Follow the Tire Pressure Sensor Reset instruction on-screen to operate

Select the Reset button at the bottom
You will see the status go from none to reset, thatmeans it’s reset.

ThinkDiag OBD2 full system diagnostic tool: