Lonsdor K518ISE supports MQB key programming ok or not?

Lonsdor K518ISE supports MQB key programming ok or not? The answer is yes and no. K518ISE update on May 8,2018 claiming: VW \ IMMO4 \ MQB-35XX (China Mainland/VDO)\Immobilizer works. Yes: if the MQB key is VDO, Lonsdor K518ISE can add new key. For example, 2015 Golf 7 MQB key programming… Continue Reading

CGDI BMW update for G / F / E programming & coding

CGDI BMW update Engineer function: programming & coding for almost all  G series, F series, E series. CGDI BMW programming list: Testable BMW models: 1)E60(E60\E61\E63\E64 2) E65(E65\E66\E67\E68) 3)E7O(E7O\E71\E72) 4) E89(E81\E82\84\ E87\E88\E90\E91\E92\E93) 5) R56(R55,R56,R57,R58,R59,R60,R61) 6) F001(F001,F002,F003,F004,F007,RRO4,RRO5, RRO6 7) F010(F005,F5006,F010,F011,F012,F013,F018) 8) F020(F020,F021,F022,FO23,F030,F031,F032,F033 F034,F035,F036,F080,F082,F083,F087,F088) 9) F025(F015,F016,F025,F026,F085,F086) 10) FO56(F039,F045,F046,F047,F048,F049,F052, F054, FO55,F056,F057,F060) 11) G070(G070,G071) 12) I001(1001,1012,1015)… Continue Reading