Solution to Lonsdor K518 program Renault primastar 2004 key ok not start van

Lonsdor K518ISE: Renault primastar 2004 – program key all went OK, but after finished the key would not start van, or work with central locking. 2x keys tested, both from AUTOWAVE company. keys were LOCKED after programming. Programmed under Renault trafic… Continue Reading

V48.88 SBB pro2 key programmer free download: 2019.1 cars ok

SBB pro2 V48.88 key programmer ISO free download to works with 2019.1 cars, feedback, car list for European, American, Australian and Japanese cars etc.   SBB pro2 key programmer ISO free download:!dExlgYKQ!Ykhr8Y8gHNiVLrWFbkCc2UJZ6xRFClOlB-LW_RNGnTw Software Version: V48.88 Works with Toyota, Honda and Ford till Year… Continue Reading

2019 Lonsdor K518S VS K518ISE

2019 Lonsdor K518S VS K518ISE: The same: IMMO capabilities + Vehicle coverage. The difference: The update subscriptions, Lonsdor K518S offers 3 optional subscriptions. Lonsdor K518S: SK213-B: Basic packagewith lifetime update SK213-S1: fullpackage (free update for first 6 months) + one-year subscription(800USD) SK213-S2: lifetime… Continue Reading