Auro OtoSys IM600 Diagnostic & Key Programmer, Any Difference with Autel MX808IM?

Auro OtoSys IM600 diagnostic & key programmer is a must-have tool for the workshop/garage because it has advanced functions which are as the same as Autel MX808IM including Diagnostic, Key Programming, ECU Coding on more than 80 vehicle brands. What a nice feature is it can update online one year for… Continue Reading

Superobd SKP900 key programmer 0 tokens solution

SKP900 add tokens error “cannot connect to server” shown as below, or you have 0 tokens left. I have solution which is verified working great. Solution: Step 1: update your SKP900 to latest version 5.0 (very important !!!). Free download SKP900 v5.0 update software 1). If your device have more than 0 tokens, download and install the file V5.0 ALL and V5.0 Little file containing SKP900 Update tool v2.5 and UpdateNew.bin. Also had to change the Com port. Once both of the above were done it installed no problem.!GkMUiY7A!BQMME5I5OqlsV9zj1R7e6hIupQV-qgxt-DTX8IgQ36s  Use the V5.0 Little File in this zip to flash your device, then it will be token free. Note it has to be V5.0 version. 2). if you have 0 tokens, need to upgrade to 5.0, if already have 5.0 then use 5.0 lite to remove token!Ct00WSxY!fxGyzLf8Wyw1PxE_m5GAZLTvFfgwmHleJwey7IWoiFM    Any more questions on superobd skp900… Continue Reading