How to Reset Dashboard by Yanhua Digimaster 3 with Solder-free Adapter?

Purpose: Reset Dashboard in 3mins
Model: VW Bora 2009
Dashboard ECU: 24C32

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Connect solderless adapter to Yanhua Digimaster 3

Connect dashboard ECU to solderless adapter by EEPROM clip.
Make sure red line is connected to PIN1.

On solderless adapter, select chip type “24XXX”.
Then press “test” to make sure all PINs are connected well.
Finally, insert the adapter into Digimaster 3 Correction Tool.

On Digimaster III Cluster Tool,

Meter System>>Europe>>Volkswagen>>Bora>>18G920826>>2009 and next
Check original mileage and save its data as a backup.
Input new parameter and go on.
Program success.

Done! Less than 3mins.

Video demo link:

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