Diagnosis Review: Super MB Pro M6 vs Autel MK808

Hi guys, I’ve got my new Super MB PRO M6, and I’m gonna bring you a brief test on its diagnostic function for my Benz W205. Months ago I’ve been using Autel MaxiCOM MK808, but the autel mk808 subscription expired. So I want to make a comparison between Super MB Pro M6 and my Autel MK808.

First the one interests you guys most – price. Autel MK808 takes me about $430, and annual update fee after first year is 130$ around. For a person that does this as a weekend thing, subscription for me is not an option, so I back up software and keep using part of its functions.
The Super MB Pro M6 I’ve just got is a standard one, and it costs 370$, also this needs an extra purchase, for its software. MB SD C4 Software HDD is 70$, and it’s a normal one; MB SD C4 Software SSD needs 120$, seems it supports more models, even trucks.

Both support WI-FI and wired connection, but usually I connect MK808 to the vehicle by the cable, and work on the tablet, while now I connect Super MB Pro M6 to my Benz by cable, connect it to my laptop via WI-FI, and work on my laptop.
super mb pro m6super mb pro m6

So here you can see the difference. One pad, one is more like a VCI. For me, taking a laptop is a huge trouble, but as one friend of mine, he would never choose a wired one.

One thing I want to mention is that Super MB Pro M6 doesn’t have a built-in battery, so it’s a plug-and-use one. I don’t have to worry about if it’s charged before diagnosis or firmware update. Just connect it to get power supply from OBD port or PC, that’s very nice.

Open up XENTRY app, models are divided into many groups by manufacturer and Chassis, even I see “Truck” option on the top as it’s described.

Regular checking before diagnosis. Some optional settings are similar to MK808 but in different menus.

There is a current test, but I just select “Initial quick test” to scan all.
The process takes one minute, I guess. “√” seems it works well, no faults, “F” seems the module has faults. I can press “+” to view details about ECU info or DTCs.

So here is the difference. On MK808, it won’t show you all details immediately, you should select specific module and function button to get details about ECU info or codes, and each tap takes time.

So in a way I can say, Super MB Pro M6 scans faster than MK808, although it seems it doesn’t have a button to see live data.

For me, MK808 works well, I like its user-friendly interface, but I won’t get my money back if I renew the subscription. Maybe I just continue to use it for other car influenced. Super MB Pro M6 Diagnosis Tool may be a better choice for Benz owners like me. I don’t like a laptop job, but whatever, it’s an MB tool, has more Benz coverage even including truck and bus, and quick scan of all modules. That’s what I need now. I still need to explore this tool.

Hope this could help.

More functions to be explored!

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