(Fixed) Kess v2.08 FW 4.036 china clone checksum error after reading ECU

VVM7x86, Kess v2.08 FW: 4.036, china clone

I wanted to write a modified file (EgrOff no checksum, because WinOls couldn’t repair it). Kess asked me for the original file and I selected it. It answered with an checksum error again and closed its application. Then I read the ECU again and got on the end a checksum error again.

Checksum error after reading!? I’m unable to write and read the ECU of this car (MazdaCx-5_HwSH01-188K1_SwSHY5-18881-J).
Btw. I read/wrote more than 10 cars without any problem.



Here is the solution:
Everything deleted, also the USB driver

Kess 2.35 with USB driver installed, overwritten with Ksuite 2.08 (except DLLs). Same result, checksum error after reading, no success for checksum sorrection for writing

Kess 2.35 could read without checksum error. Correct checksum and wrote successful.