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Done that. Tried the alternate PCMCIA slot, no luck. Pulled the card put it in my friends authentic Tech-2 and card boots fine. I even tried my friends GM card in the China GM Tech 2 and still no luck. Pulled the back off and check the RTC battery and that reads good at ~3.0V. I think the error is a test of some memory in the Real Time Clock (RTC) that can’t be accessed or something like that, who knows. I used to design scan tools, and wow what a piece of work this one is. There’s a boat load of jumper wires going from IC to IC, which in my world would be considered a prototype, but looks like China is fine with shipping prototypes. After seeing the insides I’m pretty sure there isn’t any difference in quality between the more expensive Tech-2 and the least expensive one. If I don’t get any response from Cathy I’ll probably go buy the $91 unit from another China wholesaler then I’ll have double everything. Well maybe not a functioning motherboard . I’d still be way ahead financially than springing for a real Tech-2.

GM Tech 2 Diagnostic Tool for GM SAAB Opel Suzuki Holden Isuzu with TIS2000 Programming CD

One thing i haven’t done yet, but thinking about it, is to pull the RTC battery out for a longer period of time. It’s possible that the RTC got locked up and can’t be talked to and the backup battery is keeping it in that state.

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Thats all very well and good BUT it is impractical to ship anything back to China for a repair……… don’t list your location or postal address on your website which would concern me for sure.

Whilst you continue to self promote I have noticed that you are selling the GM Tech 2 at much higher prices than those currently available.It is also extremely difficult to work out what indeed you would be buying as the none of the 22 packages listed are in fact itemised.

Answer by – obdtool in uk: is a 5-year-old site. Please rest assured that we will be responsible for our products. We have branches in China, US, UK, etc, but the returned products are shipped to Shenzhen, China, because our technicians are there.

Address:1st. Floor/ Building 1/ NO.6068/ 188 Industrial Zone/Heng Gang/ Long gang district/ 518115 Shen zhen city/ China

Postcode: 518115

Price can be negotiated. Of course you can find cheaper Tech2 tools from other Chinese shops, but as far as I know, most of them do not have technicians and therefore provides poor after-sales technical support.

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