Forced DPF Regeneration

You can start the forced regeneration on the following models:

 Z19DT, Z19DTH, Z19DTL, Z17DTR, Z17DTJ
 Z19DT, Z19DTH, Z19DTL, Z17DTR, Z17DTJ
Vectra-C / Signum
 Z19DT, Z19DTH, Z19DTL
 Z13DTH, Z17DTR
 2.0L Diesel engine
The exhaust gas temperature will increase to over 600 °C, so you must perform this outside,
on a non-flammable ground.
The regeneration procedure is completely controlled by the engine control unit.
 Engine is running at idle
 Engine is fully warmed up
 To avoid consequential damages, the DPF regeneration must be executed only once!

EDC16 System


Note, after “DPF Regeneration” is finished live data “Diesel Particulate Filter
Saturation” will show 70%. When engine controller has performed a dynamic

regeneration value will be changed.
DECE01 System