Ford OBD tool feedback on km change and key program

Ford OBD2 Tool is a USB cable and weight only 155g, it is mainly used to perform Ford instrument calibration and immobilizer key matching.

Ford OBD Tool features and function:

Instrument calibration work is friendly without removing instrument.

It can read and write into EEPROM file, it can read out immo code, and directly edit key position byte, then replace the original key to a new key, also it can read out and write into the synchronized bytes of instrument and engine, then directly synchronize without programming.

To help others to know which car model and year it covers, customer service collect our engineer’s test result and customer feedbacks as follows, hope it helps.

Ford OBD Tool Feature

Ford OBD tool Tested okay on following vehicles for KM change and key program:

Focus 2005…km change ok

Focus 2009…key program ok

Focus2 Restyle 2008…km change and key program ok

Focus3 2011…key program ok


C-Max 2008…key program ok

C-Max color 2008…key program ok

C-Max 2012…key program ok


S-Max 2006…km change ok

S-Max 2012…key program ok


Galaxy 2006…key program ok

Galaxy 2007…key program ok

Galaxy 2013…km change ok

Galaxy 2014…km change ok

Galaxy color…key program ok


Mondeo 2007…key program ok

Mondeo 2008…km change ok

Mondeo 2010…km change ok

Mondeo color 2012…km change and key program ok

Mondeo 2010…key program ok


Fiesta 2006…km change ok

Fiesta 2008…key program ok

Fiesta 2011…km change and key program ok

Fiesta 2013…key program ok

Ford OBD Tool Vehicle Coverage as follows:

Ford OBD Tool Vehicle Coverage

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