Ford VCM II Perform PATS (30 minutes)

This is tips of how to perform PATS by FORD VCM II diagnostic tool.

Tools needed:

Ford VCM 2 interface;

Computer with Windows XP better

two keys to perform PATS

How to perform PATS:

Connect the VCM II to your computer (via the USB) and start IDS.

Connect the VCM II to the car via the OBD II port.

In the IDS menu, go to Vehicles then All Other.

Confirm your vehicle and VIN number. Click on the tick button.

Go to Body>>Security>> PATS Function.

IDS will ask you if you have two keys, click on the tick button.

Waiting for 10 minutes to gain access to PATS

Erase all keys associated with the cluster.

NOTE: During the process you will have to insert one key and turn it to the on position for 6 seconds and then do the same with the other key.

Once done, you will be kicked out of PATS and have to access it again (this means waiting 10 minutes again gain access).

Access PATS, click on Reset Parameters.

Click on the tick button on whatever menus come up and once done; it will return you to the security access page.


Start your vehicle.