Ford VCMI2 from feedback

Got my vcm2 scanner from last year and help with software from a well known forum member, no name (
It arrived on time (4 days exactly)and well enough packed in a plastic box.
Came with v81 calibration file, V86 IDS and V91 IDS disks,
Software installation is a little bit tricky. I would say being computer literate would be an advantage, in the installing of the software, if you have anyone to help they could do it fairly swift. And easier if follow the video guide they provided on webpage (Win XP would be better).
Here is the v86 VCM2 IDS
and here’s another V91Ford IDS software video guide
I am stick to V86, it is old enough for my Transit 2.2 2008. Operation of the thing itself via pc is straightforward enough, on screen prompts and so on. Vcm kit is working and has communicated with the van.
The Ford VCMII IDS OEM diagnostic tool helped force DPF Regeneration, successfully bleed brake, reset steering angle sensors, reset airbag and remove speed limiter (Connects use a calibration file when adaptingremoving the speed limiter, you will have to re- do the cluster to ecu once done, you will need both keys to reprogram as well, when you choose speed limiter off it will come up with a message about a configuration file needed.)
€119 delivered for the sp177not bad at all think thats what ill be getting. Still works though and I am happy with it and it has more than paid for itself.