Tool advice to read transit ECU and ABS for Ford 1.8 tdci Focus?

I have an Fsuper obd11 scanner which works on my 1.8 tdci focus but doesn’t have a menu for the transits with tdci engines.

My purpose is to find a software available to read transit ECU and ABS. My transit age is 58 plate 2.4L Duratorq-TDCi (100PS) 350 van. We have Transits 04-60 plate and an 09 Ford Ranger so it would be handy to cover them all.

Tool that highly recommend:

Obd compliance is for engine, abs etc are optional so you’ll need a really good diagnostic kit to do it, VCM2 IDS for €115 is what i recommend all day long.


Certainly IDS would cover your Transits 04-60 plate and an 09 Ford Ranger.

Where to get VCM2 IDS?

I got mine from, PayPal, a few members in the forum have said that1 of the disks was faulty, mine were fine too, however, you are free to shop where you like, at least message the seller to confirm things etc.

The clone Ford VCM 2 I tested for functionality. I purchased from here

I can verify it does seem to run faultless & already wifi enabled.

It’s done Pcm update, pump/inj learns, config. Runs fine on w7 notebook and iPhone.


Which Windows Operation System(OS) is required?

Plus it’s running on windows7 with 1 gb of ram on what could be called a netbook as not having a cd drive, which may boggle a few members including me from what we’ve learned.

I have a Sony VAIO fz38m dual core with t8100 and 4gb ram, with built in blue Ray etc, which is a good spec, had w7 and got ids working but then it wouldn’t, yours loaded first time and at 1gb i think it should be hanging or locking up lol, another member had the same problem and got himself a higher spec laptop which sorted it, there is a chance that each manufacturer of laptop may be able to cope better at whatever the processes are involved in ids, but i don’t know tbh, i know Ford use the tough book for ids so………

If it works, it works, definately get a 2gb stick in that laptop you have, plus keep it as a backup one when you get your new 1, i have on occasion gone to my laptop and it has said darabase missing, which may have been down to the sequence of how i plug the vcm in but i have a way that i do it now and never have a problem

Answer to one FAQ:

Question: Finally got mine and the main installation and patch were fine, it recognises my fiesta, yet to try it at work on a transit.

The second disc is corrupt, I can read the file directory but no files, most importantly the calibration file V2012.9-81 will not load. Any workarounds?

Answer: Need to get hold of a calibrations disk, don’t do any module programming until you do.

Recommend you watch video at:

This is from obd tool website technical support: Tool advice to read transit ECU and ABS for Ford 1.8 tdci Focus?